What is the Binomo app and how it works?


Binomo is a famous online trading platform available at www.binomo.com and in the mobile app. The platform offers educational materials and tools that are very useful for practicing and trying various strategies. In this review, you will learn about the Binomo app, figure out how to use it anywhere and how to train your trading skills.

What is the Binomo app and APK?

what is binomo app
A reliable and popular Binomo platform that the Financial Commission regulates developed a high-quality mobile app that is an excellent supplement to the web platform. It allows access to the charts and tools without entering the website. You can download the app for free to your mobile phone on iOS or Android. There is an APK on the official website for those Android users who couldn’t download the app from Google Play.
binomo app store binomo google play
The design and layout of the app are convenient and user-friendly. The Binomo mobile trading app is themed to match its web design, offering a cohesive experience that allows you to switch between the two versions if necessary.

Binomo application has features to open trades, analyze the charts, and participate in tournaments (in the APK version). The app utilizes push notifications to keep traders up to date on promotions and transactions within seconds of their launch. The overall quality and use of app notifications make Binomo an ideal choice for the traders who like to trade on the go.

Note! To find more about the application, get to the Help Center. It’s the section on the Binomo platform that is like Wikipedia for traders.

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How does the Binomo app work?

binomo trading app
Trading on the Binomo app is relatively straightforward. There are a few steps you need to follow to set up your account and start trading:

  1. Download the Binomo mobile app and install it.
  2. Register for a Binomo account.
  3. Enter the minimum deposit if you wish to trade with real funds.
  4. Select an asset and determine the trade amount.
  5. Then, you have to choose a completion time for the trade. For example, if you want to trade for 1 minute at 9:00, you have to select 9:01 for the time of completion.
  6. Lastly, choose whether you think the chart goes UP or DOWN and tap the corresponding button. If the forecast is correct, you get extra income, but if it’s incorrect, the funds are not returned.

The Binomo trading platform uses fixed time trades FTT), enabling its clients to get extra income up to 90% of the trade size in case of the correct forecast.

Download the free Binomo app for iOS

You can find a Binomo app on Apple App Store to trade using your iPad or iPhone. The app has almost the same functionality as the web version. The graph types, indicators, and other tools will be available after logging in to the app.

The app for Android users

binomo hack apk
Type “Binomo” on the Google Play Store if you want to download the mobile app for Android, and you will see the yellow logo in the search results. Install the app and use your login to enter the platform. There is an additional feature for traders using Android smartphones, called Binomo APK. There is no need to hack if you face any issues downloading the app from Google Play Store. You can download the APK to invest and trade anywhere.

binomo app store binomo google play

How to download software for PCs on Windows?

Unfortunately, there is no Binomo app for PC on both Windows and Mac OS. You can’t download the mobile trading app for your PC. If you want to use it on your desktop, you need to continue trading through the official website.

Pros and cons of the Binomo mobile app

User experience can be estimated differently depending on traders’ requirements. For some users, the app has anything they need for trading on the go; for others, some functions can be critically important. Here are the pros and cons, and you can decide whether the app is still worth trying.
binomo app review

  • User-friendly;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Convenient for bust traders to use the app on the go;
  • Provision of the free Demo account for practice;
  • Availability of educational resources like tutorials, videos to get familiar with the platform;
  • 24/7 online customer service available;
  • Available in multiple languages;
  • Push notifications to let you get informed about your trades.


  • Fewer indicators are available compared to the web version;
  • You can’t singly block your account on the app. You must visit the website for that or contact a support manager;
  • Tournaments are available in the APK version only.

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Try the Binomo mobile app

binomo mobile app
Now you know what the Binomo mobile trading app is and how it works. It has all the features that you require as a trader, along with a healthy amount of security and safety checks. With its unique and beneficial features and convenience, the Binomo app has become one of the leading trading mobile apps.

However, you must assess the risks of losing your investment. Get familiar with the platform’s terms and practice as long as you need before starting actual trades.

binomo app store binomo google play

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