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One of the advantages of the Binomo trading platform is the various bonuses. If you are interested to know how to get coupons or codes, terms, and conditions of how to use and withdraw them from the balance, read thе article.

What types of bonuses are there on Binomo?

binomo deposit bonus
Bonuses on Binomo are divided into two groups: deposit and no deposit. As the name suggests, the first type is provided in the case of account replenishment. You can get bonuses from the second group without depositing any amounts, for example, as part of a promotional program.

Every new client of Binomo is given a first deposit bonus of 25%. It does not require a coupon. You just need to click on the banner in the lower-left corner of the screen within 30 minutes after registration. This offer also does not require the completion of trading turnover.

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Terms and conditions of provision Binomo bonuses

Before using bonuses, it is important to understand the terms of their provision. First of all, receiving a bonus is the client’s privilege and not a financial obligation of Binomo.

Secondly, you cannot have more than one active bonus. You have the right to refuse the gift by contacting Support, but only if you have not made trades after its activation.

Note! You can familiarize yourself with other conditions in the 8th paragraph of the Client Agreement.

How to get a bonus?

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There are several ways to get a bonus:

  • From the Internet

Binomo posts bonus codes in the section “Promotions” of the site and on their social media pages. Such posts are often timed to coincide with holidays or special events on the platform, such as tournaments.

  • If you are an affiliate partner

BinPartner develops unique offerings for those who bring new traders to the platform. If you participate in the program, you can get a coupon or promotional code for your audience.

  • When you make a deposit

The type of your Binomo account dictates the size of deposit bonus you can get. Users with a Standard status are provided with up to 100% of the top-up amount. If you own a Gold account, your bonuses can go up to 150%. And VIP clients get up to 200% on their deposits.

  • If you are a VIP trader

The most profitable no-deposit bonuses are also available for VIP clients of Binomo. A personal manager can offer unique conditions, including risk-free trades, investment insurance, and free participation in private tournaments with an increased amount of the prize fund.

How to use codes or coupons

binomo bonus coupon
Anytime you credit funds to your Binomo account, you get the chance to activate the bonus. Here is how you can use coupon or code:

  1. If using a browser, go to the “Cashier” section and click on “Deposit funds”. If you trade in the app, click on “Make a deposit”.
  2. Select the method to make your payment (an e-wallet, bank card, etc).
  3. Enter your preferred amount.
  4. Just beneath the amount, push on ‘’Сoupon add’’.
  5. Enter the code.
  6. Click the deposit button highlighted by a green colour.

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Can bonuses be withdrawn from the platform?

coupon binomo 100
After the bonus activation, you cannot withdraw it from Binomo until you complete the Mandatory Trading Turnover. It is the amount obtained by multiplying a leverage factor by the amount of the bonus.

In the case that the leverage factor is not mentioned, it is 40 for no-deposit bonuses. For bonuses that are 50% or more of the deposit amount, it is also 40. The leverage factor for gifts less than half the deposit amount is 35.

For example, the client deposits $50 using a bonus for a 60% increase on the deposit. As a result, he will get $30 in bonus funds. Since the bonus is more than 50% of the deposit amount, the leverage factor is 40. Therefore, the trading turnover will be $30*40 = $1200.

Note! If you withdraw funds from Binomo, while the trading turnover has not yet exceeded the doubled amount of the deposit, the fee will be 10% of the account balance or equal to the amount of the last deposit.

In conclusion about bonuses

The provision of coupons or codes, and no-deposit bonuses is not an obligation of Binomo but a voluntary encouragement to clients. Bonuses help increase your trading potential, but they do not guarantee you 100% success of trades.

Keep in mind that trading can lead to partial or even complete loss of your funds. Use the tutorials and demo account to increase your skills and reduce this risk.

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