Is Binomo reliable or not: a detailed overview


Trading experience depends not only on your skills but also on the platform you choose for operations. When finding a reliable platform, you can focus on your trades and practice instead of thinking about whether the platform is safe or not.

Is Binomo illegal or legit?

binomo fraud
Binomo is a safe and reliable online trading platform used by traders worldwide to get extra income. Users should forecast the chart movements in the shifts in the exchange rates of currencies and other assets. With extra income up to 90% in case of the correct forecast, Binomo offers traders a user-friendly platform to study, practice and trade whenever they wish.

People who have used Binomo share their experiences. You can find many positive reviews on forums and social networks, including Quora or YouTube. You may also find some negative reviews from people who doubt the platform’s legitimacy, but they are mostly left by people who don’t read the Client Agreement and rely on luck instead of knowledge and experience.
binomo legit is definitely not a scam or fraud. It is a transparent business regulated by the International Financial Commission (IFC) and certified by Verify My Trade (VMT). These organizations control the quality of trades and protect traders’ interests.

All these factors confirm that you can safely make investments on the Binomo platform and not worry about whether it’s legit or a scam.


Several awards have recognized the approach of Binomo to its clients. The company was honored at the 2016 IAIR Awards and at the 2015 FE Awards. Therefore, thousands of traders use the platform that has proven its high-quality service by getting awards on these events.

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Binomo regulation

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Binomo has been providing its services since 2014. As said before, since May 2018, it has been a member of the IFC in the “A” category, which guarantees the transparency of relations, premium quality services, and protection of independent and impartial dispute resolution for its clients.

The Financial Commission is an unbiased and independent dispute resolution organization that has specialization in financial markets. Its membership also has a Compensation Fund service, which offers protection up to 20.000 euros per case should a member refuse to confine to a judgment from The Financial Commission.

Binomo reaffirms its commitment to maintaining effective business practices and high standards of trading by joining The Financial Commission.


binomo certificate
Binomo was audited by VMT or Verify My Trade, a specialized service that authenticates the standards and quality of the trade executed by the company. VMT cooperates with The Financial Commission, making it possible to have reliable and transparent access to the quality of execution of trades opened on the platform.

To further provide you with the proof that Binomo is real and not fake, the online trading platform agreed to undergo an audit of 5,000 executed trades every month by Verify My Trade.


The platform offers its traders a Help Center where anyone can find answers to their queries. There are described all the tutorials on how to register, deposit, withdraw funds, how to verify your account, and much more. You can also read how to practice and use strategies to deepen your knowledge and increase your skills.

Alternatively, you can contact a support manager through e-mail or live chat to discuss a personal issue.

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Is Binomo safe or not?

binomo safe
After reading, you must be assured that Binomo is one of the trusted and popular online trading platforms which activity is transparent, proving that it is not a scam. So, you can safely create a Demo account, practice and train your skills for free, learn from tutorials and try various strategies.

Although trading on Binomo is safe, you should always consider that it involves risks connected with financial operations. Also, no strategy can guarantee extra income, that’s why you need to practice trading before making real investments and rely on your experience. Keep in mind that you are always at risk of losing your deposit if your forecast is incorrect.

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